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Roe HVO Fuel

What is Roe HVO Fuel?

Roe HVO Fuel is a Drop-In Replacement for Diesel and Gas Oil
  • It is derived from plant waste and renewable materials
  • It can replace your current fuel with Zero Engine Modification
  • It is a clean and sustainable fuel option so it Reduces the Carbon Footprint of your business
  • It can blend with diesel


How does Roe HVO compare to your current fuel?

Roe HVO has Reduced Emissions compared to Diesel
90% less Greenhouse Gases
90% less CO2
30% less NoX (Nitrogen Oxide)
Clean Burn – 85% less Particulates
Odourless & No harmful smoke on start up
Roe HVO can be stored for up to 10 years
Fuel Efficient with near identical fuel output

Making the move away from traditional fossil fuels has many advantages

  • Cleaner Fuel – drastically reduces the impact of your business on the environment
  • Renewable Fuel – uses waste products and renewables to create cleaner fuel
  • Sustainable Fuel – ensures fuel supply into the future
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Embracing your CSR to protect the environment focuses your business on the fu
  • ture
  • Increases awareness throughout your business and among your customers on environmental measures